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Sponsorforme Review
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Rating: 2

March 15 2013

SponsorForMe Review



Attention men: Do you want to throw a ton of money away? Then this is the site for you!


SponsorForMe is a relatively new dating site that is taking a novel approach to the way men and women interact online. Its most alluring aspect for women is that to sign up, not only do girls not have to pay, but they actually receive ten bucks! Plus, the site is geared  to bringing rich guys (sugar daddies) together with women who they buy presents for, and give money to (sugar babies). Because of this lopsided dynamic, it’s no surprise that Sponsorforme boasts a membership that consists of more than 70% females! Normally the numbers are heavily weighted to the guys at dating sites, but this SponsorForMe has found a way to turn everything on its head. Mostly by giving women what they love: money and gifts.


This is a site that originated the concept of “sponsored dating”. Girls accept straight-up cash, or they can also put up paypal wishlists where their sugar daddies can purchase things the girl wants. Doesn’t that sound great? It’s like the crappiest part of Valentine’s Day all year long! Maybe it’s just sour grapes because I’m a guy. I guess if I was a young, hot woman, Sponsorforme would be something I’d join because, who doesn’t like their bills paid for by some horny older guy?


  •  Free Gold Membership for girls
  • Email
  • Create and read blogs
  • E-Chat
  • Add Amazon Wishlist
  • Shoutbox feature


For women, everything is free. But for men, to donate to women, you need to buy credits. That’s right. You have to pay to pay.


Drawbacks and Caveats

I suppose you’ve already gotten a sense of my opinion about SponsorForMe, but in case I was too vague, here are the drawbacks for men. Instead of paying a reasonable, once-a-month fee at a site like SocialSex for unlimited sex with unlimited women, at SponsorForMe you have to pay and pay and pay, with no guarantee that the girl will ever put out. How would you feel if you paid a girl’s $6,000 tuition, and only got a thank you e-mail and a couple racy profile pics? Better to spend the meagre $12.50 a month at a site like Social Sex (less than one cab ride home from the bar), and reap the horny benefits! As for the ladies out there, I guess the only drawback for you at SponsorForMe is that you might feel a little like a materialistic mooch. And that’s the most respectful way I could find to say that.



SponsorForMe doesn’t make much sense to me, if you’re looking to join a sex dating or regular dating site. Men should steer clear of this site altogether because it’s just a huge drain on your wallet without any guarantee of reward. Better to go to an adult dating website where the women don’t want money – just sex. Then you can spend that money you’ve saved on fun things like exotic sex toys and kinky PVC costumes. SponsorForMe is a no-go!