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The Evolution Of The Hook Up Definition

The word hookup and the hook up culture are something that has only become part of our culture in the past decade or so. The New York Times has defined the word in many different ways over the years but It seems there is still no text book definition for hook up. It seems to have progressed […]


, July 22, 2013

Hooking Up Is A Skill, Not A Gift

We’ve all been in a situation where were watching a friend or a stranger pick up a woman and you start question your own skills by thinking stuff like “He’s a natural”, “I’ll never be that confident” or “He’s got a gift!” Gentleman I’m here to tell you that hooking up is not a gift God granted […]


, July 3, 2013

Are People Still Looking For Love?

Are people still looking for love? Of course people say they are and think they are, but I don’t think they understand what it is to be in love and dedicate yourself to someone else’s happiness though sacrifice. With internet dating promising to find your soul mate for a low price and with no effort needed, why do we need to try […]


, June 24, 2013

How To Avoid Turning Woman Off When Hooking Up Online

Woman are a fickle species, you can have them eating out of the palm of your hand one second and then cringing at the site of you the next. All it takes is one fart or inappropriate comment to ruin the persona you have strived to establish. Gentleman, for your reading pleasure are some very important dont’s if you turn a woman off […]


, June 12, 2013

Got Game? How To Use Your Game To Hookup Online

Online dating and hook-ups are still relatively fresh when it comes to hooking up with girls, but guys have been hooking up with woman for ages so how to we take the generations of inherited game and use them to our advantage when trying to find a hook up online? Well I’m here to provide some tips and ways you can […]


, June 11, 2013

Facts To Help You Succeed At Hooking Up

For a lot of people who have never found a guy or a girl to hook up with online the whole idea can be a little nerve-racking. This usually results in the person being hesitant and never making an attempt at hooking up online. We have complied some statistics and information that will provide some guidance and advise to help you […]


, June 10, 2013

Female Hook Up Horror Stories

Hook up horror stories are not solely experienced by the male sex and us females have plenty of hook up horror stories to share as-well, probably quite a bit more than our male counterparts actually. The following are not stories of men hooking up with girls, but instead by experiences as a woman hooking up with men. The stories you are […]


, May 30, 2013

Hook Up Horror Stories

For all the great experiences that come with hooking up online there is an equally as great horror story to go along with them. We have all had experiences in between the sheets that we would prefer to not talk about or even try to forget about all together. The stories you are about to hear are all true […]


, May 27, 2013

Rules To Follow When Hooking Up Online

The world of online dating can be very rewarding since it has given our generation the means to find casual sex hook ups online with no strings attached, but with the good unfortunately comes the bad. Hooking up online is not a fool proof game and it needs to be played with a bit of caution. If […]


, May 23, 2013

Should You Take Your Date For Coffee Or A Drink?

The moment has arrived, you’ve been chatting with someone and it seems to be going somewhere. Now do you ask them to go for coffee or for a drink? There are a few things to consider when deciding on the best course of action. What Is Your Intention? What is it you hope to achieve from your […]


, April 18, 2013