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Rating: 4.5

January 23 2017


Looking for a new dating site to help you hookup? Check out InstantHookups! I’ll tell you why I think it’s the best hookup dating site online right now!

This might be the easiest sign-up you’ve ever done for a dating site – it’s super straight-forward and all of the questions they ask are actually relevant! I was signed up and browsing other members within 10 minutes, which isn’t too shabby. I got stuck trying to join a dating site a while back and I swear to God I was on that thing for no less than 25 minutes answering questions before I just said “f*&k it” and quit mid-process. That’s DEFINITELY not what happened here, so I was happy from the get-go with that.

The members are great, some of the hottest ladies I’ve seen on a hookup site – aside from Tinder, but those girls are flaky as hell. I spent a good 20 minutes just looking around InstantHookups to start with. I wanted to get a feel for it and get an idea of the members, and my diligence paid off big time! I found the best members that I could have for my first few hookups, and figured out how to navigate the site right away. I got laid the same night too, which kind of blew my mind. Great first impression overall, so I was excited to see more.

Tons of responses

I was extremely pleasantly surprised to see how many women not only responded to my messages, but how many made first contact with me looking to hook up. Talk about an ego boost! My first week using instanthookups was probably my busiest one in a while, and was definitely the most sex I’d had in years. I hooked up with 7 women that first week – one for every night of the week – and I could not believe that was real life. I thought that stuff only happened in movies, but NOPE! Turns out you just need to find the right place to meet the right ladies who want action just as much as you do.

There a huge variety of members as well, with tons of ladies of all ages, backgrounds, and looks, which I thought was great. Being an Asian male myself, I always appreciate when a site goes out of their way to celebrate diversity in its’ members. Plus, I have a HUGE fetish for black girls, and I met SEVERAL thanks to instanthookups. I literally never thought my sex life could be this good. Seriously, I thought Tinder was the best that I could do, but InstantHookups makes me feel like a sex god! There’s no shortage of women on this site who are looking for some kinky action, so if you’re in the mood for great sex, you need to give this site a try.

Going into more detail, this review covers everything that you need to know to make your decision, but rest assured that out of all of many hookup sites I’ve reviewed, INSTANTHOOKUPS is one of the top 3.



1) Mobile app This was a big one for me personally, because I’m all about convenience, so A+ for instanthookups on this one. With the site’s mobile app, you can flirt and hookup with anyone, anywhere, no matter where you’re going! The app is actually very well designed, because it’s not the typical minimized version of the site itself which makes it tough to use; it’s displays profiles and acts more like hookup apps that you’ve used before, so browsing matches is really easy on your phone. Just be careful where you are and who can see your screen when you do – some of the photos aren’t friendly for the public, if you know what I mean! These ladies are wild!

I met my sexiest hookup using the app when I had to travel to Chicago for work. Shedevil69 messaged me and followed up with a very NSFW pic. Needless to say, I responded and she was at my hotel room within the hour (nothing sleazy, I was staying in a hotel for work, guys). Hottest night I’ve ever had, EVER. We’ve kept in touch, she’s a whole other state away, but it’s nice to know that I have a hot hookup on speed-dial for when I go back – which I have a lot of incentive to do now!

2) Photo-sharing with other members This is an amazing feature, for obvious reasons. Most sex sites online want you to pay for the privilege of sending and receiving sexy photos from other members, but INSTANTHOOKUPS lets its members do it for free! I like this option on any site, because you don’t have to give out any personal information in order to see these pictures, which is something you usually have to resort to on other hookup sites. There’s no limit to how many pictures you can send out and receive, either, so you and your hookup can go nuts teasing each other until the big night!

A LOT of the photos, even just profile photos, are porn-quality to begin with, but it’s mostly women (thank goodness, sorry gentlemen), so you gotta give the ladies something! This is probably the only place where a good dick pic is going to be appreciated and enjoyed, so take advantage of that on INSTANTHOOKUPS if that’s your thing! Your privacy is also assured on the site, so you don’t have to worry about people you don’t want to see your photos getting ahold of them without you knowing. If you send them to another member through the site, ONLY that member will receive the picture, so snap and send away!

3) Features new member profiles With a site like this, you’re looking at upwards of A MILLION MEMBERS that you could hook up with, but there’s no way you can go through all of those profiles. InstantHookups features the newest profiles EVERY DAY, so you don’t even have to browse the site if you don’t want to! I mean, you will want to, because there’s no limit to the horny women on this site and apparently to what they won’t do! But it makes things a lot easier to see who’s new and what they’re into if you just want to do things quickly and don’t have time to look around.

I wondered why I was getting so many messages pretty much immediately after I joined, but I realized that this was why! My profile had popped up under featured new profiles, and women seemed to be FLOCKING to message me! That’s probably not exactly what happen, but that’s what it felt like, and it was an unbelievable feeling! I got 26 messages in 20 minutes of being a member. These women aren’t kidding around – they want it, and they want it NOW!

4) Top notch search functions Again, there are way too many members on instanthookups for you to browse each and every profile, which is why the search function options are so key. Search filters can narrow down your results, so that the only profiles you see are exactly what you want! The search filters on InstantHookups are the best I’ve seen yet. They’re so detailed, and there are SO MANY filters options, that you’re guaranteed to find your PERFECT hookup match. You can search by ethnicity, location, occupation, age, hair color – almost anything!

Like I said before, I love black women, so naturally, I narrowed down my search options to show me the fine black ladies in my area. I couldn’t believe how many profiles came up! I had to narrow it down a bit more, so I looked for ladies who were closer to my age, and BAM! I found my perfect hookup match. I sent her a message, she replied, and I headed over to her place for a hot night. I’m confident that my hookup wouldn’t have been as easy or amazing if it weren’t for instanthookups and this feature. Kudos to them!



Joining Instanthookups is totally FREE, so you have absolutely no obligation to stay or use the site – you’ll want to though! There are options to purchase premium features, but you get a lot of access and features with a free membership so it’s totally up to you if you want to or not. The pricing for those features are fair though, I do have to say. I paid for the premium option to alert me to new profiles, and it was good for a while, but I found that it didn’t necessarily help me meet more women then I already was, so I cancelled that. You essentially get full access to an entire site PACKED with horny women, and it’s completely free. I mean… I’d be stupid NOT to join!

Considering what they offer and the quality of the site, if it was a requirement to pay to be a member of INSTANTHOOKUPS, I would do it without hesitation. There are scam sites that charge insane amounts of money to join and people actually fall for it!! With instanthookups, you’re getting to use a top quality hookup site absolutely free, unless you choose to pay for premium features. There’s no feeling ripped off when it was your own decision!

Premium features doesn’t mean premium access here either; a lot of hookup sites have multiple levels of membership that allow different levels of access to the site – depending on the amounts that you’re willing to spend to do it. On Instanthookups, you’re ONLY paying for single features, if you want to, and you have FULL ACCESS to the site even if you don’t want to opt into the premium items.

What do you get for your free membership?
- Option to download the mobile app on your phone
- Unrestricted access to ALL MEMBERS!
- Chat sessions AND video chat windows so you can get sexy before you even meet up!
- Tons. Of. Horny. Women!
- Super straight-forward, FREE sign-up process



There is one or two MINOR drawbacks to, but it’s a matter of perception if they’re downsides or not. The #1 potential downside to the site is that it’s EXCLUSIVELY a hookup site, which means sex-only or no dice. If you’re looking for romance or a potential mate then you’re in the wrong place, because nobody on InstantHookups is looking anything but sexytimes. If you want something more, though, you have a ton of options for other sites that are geared toward dating more than sex, so check out some of those in our other review sections. Instanthookups is great, but it’s great for HOOKUPS, not love, so get those priorities straight!

If you think that paying for optional features is a drawback, then that could be considered one, but I think it’s pretty valid for a site to do. Think about it – most of these sites make you pay to even join, let alone use any of the features that they offer, so for a free site to offer what is essentially a pick-and-pay situation for premium features, I think it’s pretty damn good. You don’t have to pay a dime to use the site if you don’t want to, but for those who want to use something extra, they have that option. Some people don’t like pay options though, so it’s worth mentioning here.

Every hookup site has it’s drawbacks and potential downsides, but what you really want to consider (at least, what makes a different for me), is how much of a drawback it is. Is it it majorly inconvenient for you? Does it interfere with your ability to enjoy using the site? Do you feel ripped off? If you answer YES to these questions then you’re looking at a solid negative, my friend. BUT, the drawbacks (or potential drawbacks) that I encountered on InstantHookups didn’t take away from my user experience whatsoever, and I definitely never felt ripped off by being giving the choice to use primo features if I wanted to.



I’m happy to associate my name with a positive review on – they’re the best at what they do, and they do it for free, so you really can’t ask for much more! I had a fantastic experience using the site: I had copious amounts of sex with women I wouldn’t have met had it not been for the site, I didn’t waste any time or money, and it was really easy to use overall. When you think of what you want a hookup site to be, THIS is what you’re picturing – FREE unfettered access to THOUSANDS of horny women who are online any time, and are always DTF.

I doubled my number of sexual partners in 2 short, sex-filled weeks, which is any college guys dream! Unfortunately, college is behind me, but if I had known that a site like this was possible when I was trolling the women on campus, I would’ve saved myself a lot of time, and a lot of humiliation. I’m officially hooked on InstantHookups – it’s my new go-to place for when I’m feeling horny, or if I don’t want to spend the night alone.

I also learned from personal experience that instanthookups is the best site to use when you’re travelling – the app especially. You can meet horny women at literally any location, and get your rocks off when you need to. I wouldn’t have survived the dull, mind-numbing boredom that was my business trip to Chicago if it wasn’t for InstantHookups and shedevil69! There are more than 40,000 members online at one time, so no matter where you are, you’re bound to find someone who’s looking for sex NOW when you log on to InstantHookups!

It’s the first site that lives up to its name and reputation, and I will definitely continue to use it after this. Would I recommend it to a friend? I’ve already recommended to ALL of my friends, both single and attached. Who knows, my coupled buddies could find someone to join them in a threesome! Side note: A LOT of women are looking for threesomes and group sex on this site, and I was just floored by how easy it was to get that. I fully took advantage of the fact that a good number of horny women wanted to group up and have sex with me. Best decision I ever made. Anyway, I digress – whatever it is that you’re looking for, if it involved sex (and only sex) I’m confident that you’ll find it on INSTANTHOOKUPS.COM.

I give InstantHookups a solid 4.5 out of 5 stars, because nobody’s perfect, but they’re as close as it gets!