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Female Hook Up Horror Stories

Hook up horror stories are not solely experienced by the male sex and us females have plenty of hook up horror stories to share as-well, probably quite a bit more than our male counterparts actually. The following are not stories of men hooking up with girls, but instead by experiences as a woman hooking up with men. The stories you are […]


, May 30, 2013 Review

About is an online dating site and it seems someone has put a lot of though into it. With a lot of new dating websites having an nearly non-existent set-up process, appears to have a bit of a drawn out and overly long set-up process that asks you all the basic questions that any other site would ask […]


, May 30, 2013

Hook Up Horror Stories

For all the great experiences that come with hooking up online there is an equally as great horror story to go along with them. We have all had experiences in between the sheets that we would prefer to not talk about or even try to forget about all together. The stories you are about to hear are all true […]


, May 27, 2013

Rules To Follow When Hooking Up Online

The world of online dating can be very rewarding since it has given our generation the means to find casual sex hook ups online with no strings attached, but with the good unfortunately comes the bad. Hooking up online is not a fool proof game and it needs to be played with a bit of caution. If […]


, May 23, 2013

How to Hook Up On Dating Websites

With a lot of people using online dating websites to find love or find a date to hangout with casually, there is a group out there (occasionally myself included…okay maybe more than “occasionally”) who want to find a no strings attached casual sex hook up online. I am going to recommend the greatest sites for hooking up online, that I have personally found very useful, and […]


, May 23, 2013 Review

About is the reincarnation of with a whole new look and feel. The site is a bit different then most with a couple of unique features. When setting up your free account you only need to fill out the basics (Email, Zip code, Username and Password). The only other screen you will encounter during the […]


, May 16, 2013 Review

About is a new Internet dating website that at-first glance seems catered towards a specific small niche group of people who are poker enthusiasts. If you are a poker player then this site will mostly just be a disappointment since there really isn’t anything about the site that caters to lovers of the poker table. More than anything the site is just another mediocre […]


, May 15, 2013

The Best Sites To Find A Date Online

With an ever-expanding selection of internet dating sites how do you really know which ones are the best? If you’re really late to the game and are still hesitant to sign up for any dating sight then take a minute and [Read this: Are You Still Hesitant To Join An Online Dating Site?] Now that your ready to […]


, May 15, 2013 Review

About is a new and interesting addition to the world of online dating. The site does things a bit different then most by claim that “We employ The Science & Art of Love™ in fine tuning the search for meaningful relationships”. It matches its members based on their facial features by using a “sophisticated facial recognition software […]


, May 7, 2013 Review

About is a new online dating site endorsed by R&B Legend Keith Sweat that in their words “Focuses on QUALITY rather than quantity”. When you visit the site they have some classic R&B music playing from artists like DruHill, K-Ci & Jo Jo, Boys II Men and Mr. Sweat himself. The site is designed for “Real […]


, May 3, 2013