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Crazy Blind Date Dating App by OkCupid

CrazyBlindDate is a new dating app brought to you by OkCupid. The app has the potential to live up to its name since you are embarking on a literal blind date which we all know can end up being pretty crazy.


, April 16, 2013

Are You Still Hesitant To Join An Online Dating Site?

Have you been thinking about joining an online dating site? Have your friends been raving about someone they met and how you need to create a profile, but you’re scared or embarrassed to follow through? I’m here to tell you that there is no need to fear the world of online dating is here! While online dating sites have become increasingly popular and […]


, April 12, 2013

Can You Find A Meaningful Relationship With Online Dating Sites?

While online dating has become part of the world we live today it carries a stigma which suggests that most users are only looking for a hook-up or that their putting on a rouse to get what they really want, sex. Everyone Is Just Looking To Hook-Up While the online dating world certainly has its […]


, March 28, 2013

Dating Apps to Match Your Lifestyle

Dating Apps to Match Your Lifestyle With many younger people having busy lifestyles the creation of dating apps has further added to the connivence of online dating. Wether your a high powered executive with barley enough time in your day to sit down or his secretary sitting at your desk all day, I will show […]


, March 27, 2013