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What Site You Choose To Hook Up Says About You

| July 16, 2013

When you’re trying to hook up online there are so many online dating websites to use that the one you finally decide on must speak to your personality and say I think will say a lot about you as a person. So we have put together a list of some of the most popular sites for hooking up online and through our very scientific mathematical algorithm have made our conclusions as to what the site you choose says about you.



CrazyBlindDate is the online dating equivalent of Russian Roulette, so If this is the application you have decided to use to find a girl to hook up with then you certainly enjoy the act of gambling and taking risks. This is not a bad thing because in life when we decide to take great risks, the experience usually results in great rewards. The app is also free so it might suggest that you’re more interested in quantity over quality and obviously aren’t looking to find something lasting, but instead you’re just trying to satisfy your craving quickly with instant gratification. So if you have decided that CrazyBlindDate is the best way for you to hook up then you’re most likely inpatient and possibly some what lazy, or you know what you want and you know how to get it.

Chance of hooking up: 50/50



If BlackLoverSearch is the site you have chosen then you’re more than likely interested in an Ebony Hook up. If this is the case then you have made a great choice and come to the perfect place. With it being the internets #1 place for Ebony Hookups there is no other place on the internet that you need to be to find yourself a beautiful african american girl to hook up with. If you yourself are not african american then you may also be suffering from a bit of jungle fever and if that’s the case your also in the perfect place. If you know what you’re looking for and this is where you came to find it then you have mostly done your research and you probably usually make well educated decisions and don’t leave things up to chance.

Chance of hooking up: Guaranteed (the site provides a 100% guarantee that you will get laid using the site)



If you are using DateHookUp  in hopes of hooking up then your most likely a sucker and regularly make decision without much thought or research. DateHookUp has been ridiculed by almost every authority online when it comes to online dating and hook ups as being a completely useless site (ourself included). You probably act on impulse and aren’t a great shopper in general. Typically buying what looks nice or sounds good and not actually having any interest in what makes something better than its competitors. If you had done any research you would have known that our a ton of other sites that actually follow through on their promise to get you laid.

Chance of hooking up: Impossible (which you should have known already)



If SocialSex is the site you have chosen to find a hook up then you are probably the exact opposite of the person who chose DateHookUp. You’re a smart and savvy shopper, know how to take advice and know exactly where to get the best deals on what you want. SocialSex guarantees to find you a casual no strings attached sex hook up and for less than most other online hook up website on the internet. So if SocialSex is the site you choose then I applaud your intelligent and educated problem solving skills.

Chance of hooking up: Guaranteed



I had to include FindYourFaceMate on this list cause the site just rubs me the wrong way. If you’re trying to hook up on the site then your likely a self obsessed narcissist who want to just hook up with themselves and this is the closest way. I feel  you probably masturbate while looking in the mirror and enjoy hearing yourself talk while doing it. Alright I might be getting a little presumptuous, but I’m just having fun now, but seriously this site is weird and if the site you choose to use then your probably a bit weird yourself.

Chance of hooking up (with someone who looks like you, giving a whole new meaning to “go fuck yourself”: Probably pretty good

xxxconnect-dating-site is a great choice when it comes to hooking up online, but the site is new so if you have decided to sign up then your probably a bit of a risk taker. Like I mentioned before, with great risk comes great reward. The site is new so you would be one of the pioneering members but this will also allow you to have first dibs of the incredibly attractive woman on the site.

Chance of hooking up: practically a guarantee



, July 16, 2013