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October 7 2015


The time had finally come where I get to review a Milf site! I have always wanted to hook up with a milf and I got to hook up with plenty while reviewing the milf centric site The site is absolutely fantastic and filled with insanely hot milfs, so the name is perfect. I had so much fun using this site and I was very successful. I was expecting to be disappointed since I thought might have been a scam. It was the opposite of a scam since I hooked up multiple times and will probably continue to do so in the future. Milftastic is without a doubt legit!


When you first think of Milfs you of course think of an older women such as the original Milf, Stilfers mom. If this is the type of milf you are looking for then you won’t be disappointed. What I discovered was that there is a large portion of the site that is a younger generation of mothers that are young smoking hot and milfs. There is something about a younger women who is still in here prime, but has that caring instinct that translates to an amazing experience in bed. The sex you will have with these younger Mifs is going to blow you’re mind. I have hooked up on a lot of these sites while reviewing them over the last few years, and I had some of the greatest sex of my life with the younger milfs on


-       The site has a mobile version that is perfect to use wherever you are. You can browse while you’re suck on a bus or while you are traveling. The site has members all over the country so you can hookup with a milf whenever where ever!

-       Each milfs profile displays how long she has been a mother and how many children she has. These are all certified milfs since the site takes steps to ensure these women are actually mothers. No faking it on

-       The chat feature allows you to type your message or you can live video chat with members who are online. This is a great way to get some fun out from the site right away. You can also exchange picture messages when users are offline.

-       The sites search tool is amazing. You can be general if you don’t know exactly what you are looking for and want to see what’s out there. If you do want to get specific you can search for things that I didn’t even know existed before using Milftastic. Young or old they have whatever Milf you’re looking for!

-       If you have been using the site for a while and have hooked up with a lot of the Milfs in your area. You can have the site send you a notification when a new member joins in your area. You can even prepare a message for them to received from you once they have signed up. It’s also nice to get to her first since she is most likely very much in the mood for a hookup and will want you to come over right away!


The site specializes in Milfs so if you are looking for a girl who isn’t a Milf you wan’t find her here. There are so many sites that say they can connect you with Milfs, but you never really know for sure. At least with Milftastoc, when you want a Milf, you know for sure you are getting a milf.

If you are looking for a milf, but you want something more permanent than a one night stand or the occasional hook up then this is not the site for you. The Milfs on Milftastic are just looking for sex and nothing else. There are plenty of other sites that say they can find you something more long term, so if that’s what you want, go there. I would suggest trying a few random milf hookups before though since it was just so much fun.

The last draw back I can think of is that with the younger Milfs, they still do have young children so they usually aren’t on the site late at night. If you chat with them in the late after noon though they will have you come over that night. I know that because that’s exactly what happened when I hooked up with young milfs.


I was extremely successful while using Milftastic. I was using the site for 45 mins before I was out the door to meet the first women. She was a bit older since that is what I had always envisioned the fantasy to look like. She was by far one of the best lays I have ever had and thought me a few things that I had never experienced.

The second was a younger women. Her profile pic was so hot I didn’t think there was anyway she was a mother. When we hooked up though she had this nurturing nature that I had never had with a women that hot. Most really hot women are terrible in bed, but she made sure I was properly taken care of and it was amazing.

The third women I hooked up with actually had sent me a message which I got when I signed in. I noticed she was still online and had only messaged me 12 mins prior. She told me she needed it bad and wanted to come to my place right away. I clearly obliged her request and told her to come right away. When she got to my place there was no wasting time as she was immediately all over me. When she was done, she was back out the door in 2 minutes. I had something to do the next morning so I was alright with that.

All in all I hooked up with 7 women in 12 days and if I had wanted to, I could have done more.

CONCLUSION delivers on its promise to provide you with real life milfs who want to hook up. Milftastic is legit! I first heard about the site after reading somewhere that it was a scam. I don’t know where that could have come from because I loved this site. It’s easy to use and it give you exactly what it tells you it will. They don’t try to up sell you or try to get you to sign up for a better site once you’re using the site you signed up for originally. The women, or should I say milfs, on this site are usually so horny when you talk to them it don’t take long before you are face to face. If you want to hook up with a legit real life Milf, you need to sign up for Milftastic, I can’t imagine their being a better option for hooking up with Milfs.