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About David Tran

My name is David Tran, a single 28 year old trying to navigate his way thought the crazy world of online dating, but having fun doing it. I love to travel and have done my fair share by backpacking though Europe, South America and South East Asia. I’ve studied in both Asia and Australia, I currently live in the greatest city in the world New York and couldn’t imagine a better place to work and play or a more beautifully inspiring landscape to fuel my creative outlets. Professionally I’m a writer (The Atlantic, Esquire, Maxim…) and photographer which means I’m always on the go working, which makes my time very valuable. So online dating was a natural choice for me when it comes to meeting women. Dating and picking up women was just not something school or my father ever taught me so I was left to figure them out for myself. I’m single, but that certainly doesn’t mean I’m lonely, I go out and date a lot! My dad did teach me that you get what you give so I’ve always believed in that simple formula. The more you put out there, the more you will get back. I’ve met a lot of great women through online dating sites, which has been a lot of fun, and I plan to continue doing so. I’ve also had some very interesting interactions, which have only fueled the fire and allowed me to share my experiences and express them through my writing.


Simone Smyth

About Simone Smyth

Hello! My name is Simone Smyth, and I’m 25 years old. I’ve dated a lot of guys, and am a self-proclaimed dating expert. I’m also a hopeless romantic looking to get lucky online and meet the one. My advice on dating? Maximize your options. When life gets busy, it could be impossible to meet singles. Too many people are embarrassed or shy when it comes to online dating, and I’m here to change your perspective on that. What better way to find love and romance than on online communities devoted to dating and potentially meeting the man or woman of your dreams?  I currently live in Manhattan, and I’m a freelance writer for different publications around the city. I love writing, I love dating, and love giving relationship advice!  To learn about some of the best dating sites, check out my reviews and blog posts here on Internet Dating Awards!


, February 27, 2013