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September 22 2015


Read my review and see if they really are the fastest, easiest, and kinkiest online hookup site! I get dirty with some sexy women online.

First of all, this was by far one of the smoothest sign-up processes I’ve ever experienced. Free of any pop-ups or scam advertisements, FreeHookups cuts straight to the good stuff – sex! The site is sleek, sexy, and easy – just like its members! That’s no slight, it’s a fact. prides itself on being a hookups only site, and expressly states: “We don’t want anyone on here looking for love or a relationship.” Good thing for them, I was only looking for sex with hot local women.

That’s not even the best part – it’s also TOTALLY FREE TO JOIN! It boasts over 25 million members, and has a 94% hookup rate! That’s actually crazy if you’ve done any online dating – almost unheard of. After a seamless process of registration, in less than two minutes I was searching hot single ladies in my city. It was actually that easy. No irritating quizzes – those are optional, thankfully! This casual hookup site cuts straight to the chase and just delivers exactly what you want: horny members who want to get laid asap!

Once I started perusing the available women online, I was more than excited. If you’ve been wondering where all the hot girls are hiding, well uh — they’re not hiding, they’re just hanging out on my new favorite internet sex site. I trepidatiously messaged some of my usual types. Guess what?

They all wrote me back!

Shocked and delighted, I decided to just go for it and I immediately tried out one of Free Hookups’ most famous features – searching members based on fetishes. Much to my surprise, there were A LOT OF WOMEN on Free Hookups looking for the same thing. *Ahem* spanking, light BDSM, and threesomes. I also typed in random fetishes as an experiment. Wow! There’s most definitely something for everyone on here, it’s very inclusive of everyone’s preferences.

I don’t need to worry about my secret desires getting out though because has an airtight privacy policy, protecting my sexual fetishes from being shared with others – and let me tell you, it’s a good thing, because people be getting all kinds of hot and crazy on this site. Yowza! If you’re looking for a no holds barred casual dating and hookup site, then look no further than FREEHOOKUPS.COM!

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1) The FreeHookups Mobile App uses GPS to find the closest hookups to you! Unlike other sites that display your real name, which can be seen by coworkers and family (don’t get me started!), this hookup site likes to keep it all on the down low. If you just want to bang a hot woman without having to walk more than a few blocks – I GUARANTEE you’re going to find someone with this app. I was feeling pretty bold after my first “date” went off without a hitch (or any underwear), and decided to test out this feature while I was sitting through an incredibly boring conference. Literally, while my bosses were yapping away at me, I typed in the location range of where I wanted to hook up – which had to be close because my break is only an hour. Immediately a bunch of women popped up – and unlike other mobile apps, I could message the women without them thumbing past my photo before I got the chance!

This is how I met Minxxxy69. I asked her if she was horny, and she was. I planned to meet her at her condo a few buildings over – and badda bing, badda boom! I had her screaming into her pillow and still had time to eat my cobb salad before I had to be back to work. Whoever created is a genius!

2) Sexy photo trading within FreeHookups Chat is the best feature ever! Well, except for the one I just wrote about above. It’s so much less complicated than having to get phone numbers and scroll through endless texts just to get to the good stuff. Not to mention the dangers of dating someone new and them going through your texts for such photos and texts! When you use the FreeHookup Chat both on the website and in the app, you can sort photos and favorite users with the sexiest photos. No easy task, my friend, as I’m sure you’ll be just as floored at the amount of women “baring all” and sending you deeply… personal photos as soon as you join!

3) New Member search and highlight features GUARANTEE women in your area (or men, or couples, or whoever) that fit your criteria will see you! boasts 1200 new members A DAY! You might think that would mean your profile would get buried, but it’s not the case. I even talked a friend into joining to test out the function and see if I would actually appear in her matches and feed. I did! We played around with it for a while, and it completely works, especially with the GPS function. Usually they’re never that accurate! Of course, now my friend is addicted to the site and has a hookup lined up for tonight too! This site is both great for men and women, did I mention that?

4) The best member search feature on the planet! On they call it a “highly sophisticated matching algorithm that can match you up with the most sexually compatible members in your area.” What do I call it? A boner wizard. Yep, that’s right. I went there. You like women who are 20-30, within walking distance of your apartment, super into having sex 24/7, and don’t expect you to marry them after the first date? They’re on here. If you want to find a non-smoker, with double-Ds who desperately wants to join you for a threeway? Lots of these women, too. Close your eyes right now! Imagine your perfect hookup encounter? YOU CAN FIND YOUR PERFECT HOOKUP ON FREEHOOKUPS.COM! No joke!


It’s freaking FREE! If you were waffling about joining FreeHookups – get off your butt and join (or keep reading my review!) With this high of a success rate, this many sexy members, and this many features – there’s no way this hookup site is going to stay free! So get on the bandwagon now while you still can! I would 100% pay for this service, and that’s saying a lot. So, let me say it again: FREEHOOKUPS.COM IS COMPLETELY FREE AND FULL OF SEX-STARVED WOMEN!

What do you get for your free membership?
- A mobile app (optional, but highly suggested)
- View and contact ALL MEMBERS you’re attracted to, not just the ones who pick you
- Chat functionality with the option to VIDEO CHAT!! Wait, how was this not in my feature section? Yeah, it’s hot!
- Women, women, women!
- And… the easiest registration I’ve ever encountered!

Still not convinced? Well, there is one drawback…


If you’re looking for someone to cuddle up to on those dark and stormy nights – this isn’t the place. Unless of course that’s your fetish, then there will definitely be a woman on here who will do it with you! This place is all about hookups, all the time. People want sex, left and right. There are so many beautiful women, nude photos, and horny profiles I almost thought it was a porn site. I would’ve probably had my doubts, but I got laid within 24 hours of joining – and that, my friend, is the real deal.

If you’re looking for love, there’s plenty of other sites I’ve reviewed for that kind of thing. is strictly sex, 24/7, and you’re just going to have to deal with it! The members on here are blunt, know what they want, and are open-minded. That kind of thing scares more conservative daters, but it’s the perfect site for wild daters who just want to have a good time with no strings attached.


With an average of over 36, 000 members online at any given time in your locale, you’re guaranteed to get laid on It’s not rocket science. Hell, it’s not even basic math! There is one thing every single person in the world wants – great sex. On FreeHookups the people are candid about what they want, willing to try out new things and new people, and don’t waste their time with head games.

I fully endorse and verify I’ve been laid a grand total of four times since I joined FREEHOOKUPS less than a week ago – not to brag or anything. This hookup site is totally legit, full of hot women, and easy to use. You guys know I don’t go gaga for every hookup and site online – so trust me when I say, is the place to go if you want hot sex and fun nights. Let’s get it on!