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June 22 2015

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If you’re interested in hooking up with Milfs in your area then Adult Meetings is the site for you. It’s advertised right on the homepage so you know that you’re getting exactly what you’re looking for. There’s no guesswork here.

Finding a match is super simple when you join this site. Right from the beginning, your location is picked up and there are matches online near you and ready to meet. You’ll answer a few simple questions that help determine if you’re a good match for the site and if you like sex as much as I do, you’re eligible and given the go ahead to sign up.

Choosing your membership type will determine if you have a basic dating site experience or if you get a little bit more out of your time online. From X rated video sites to private webcam chats, your experience all depends on what you want and how you like it.

Overall, it’s a great site and I highly recommend trying it out if you’re looking for hot singles in your city and if you want a guarantee on hooking up.




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-From the moment you sign in, you’re bombarded with local babes. I’m talking too hot to believe they live in your city, babes.

-There are tons of naked pics so if you’re here for visual stimulation, you’ve got it. If you’re looking for a relationship, you might want to check out a website that’s a little more tame. Older and younger women are online looking for local men to keep them company and there’s nothing wrong with that in my book.

-Answering a few questions while signing up may seem redundant but it’s actually used to match you with women who like the same thing. If you like casual sex, your matches will too so keep that in mind. Don’t skip the preliminary questions, you’ll thank the site later for taking the time to cut out any matches that just aren’t a good fit for you.

-The site will send you links for e-mail downloads to your favorite contact’s private photo folder

-There are chat rooms and live video links if you’re into that instant gratification connection and don’t like waiting for a response to messages.

-You can go live with online women and cut out the back and forth formalities. There are women on here who just want sex so you can be as honest and upfront as you like and you won’t scare anyone away. also offers a membership guarantee where even if you cancel your membership temporarily, they save your information for 6 months so if you decide to come back, you won’t lose your contacts. You won’t have to start over. You will only need to validate your credit card again but that’s for safety reasons, which is a great thing.



-Better matches based on your location and preferences
-Real women looking for real dates
-Instant messages so there’s no waiting
-100% free memberships
-Trial offers for an even better browsing experience
-Exclusive access to member’s private information and pictures
-100% money back guarantee
-Hassle free sign up



Basic MembershipVIP MemborshipExtras
2-Day TrialFREEFREE$1.96
1 MonthFREE$49.95/month$39.61/month

Basic lifetime memberships are free but it’s not that easy. You need to provide a valid credit card. I’m assuming this is in case you choose to upgrade your account, which is hard not to do when you see the women logged on webcam ready to tease and please you. The VIP membership includes a 2 day GOLD trial promo that continues at $49.95/ month unless canceled. You also get a 2 day $1.96 promo for that continues at $39.61/ month unless canceled and a 3 week free trial to Video which renews at $28.87/month unless canceled.

Join for the low-cost and free trials! They are worth it if you like things naughty or when you’re looking for sexy naked women doing naughty things on the other side of your computer.



I didn’t have too many issues with AdultMeetings other than the biggest one – my membership. I signed on for the free trials and forgot to cancel my additional services while they were still in their trial period. There’s no warning from the site that your trial is expiring so you have to pay really close attention to the date you sign up. I ended up getting charged for all of the regular monthly charges. Although I did use this experience to enjoy some more action, I still wished there was a friendly reminder so that I wasn’t so unpleasantly surprised when my bill came.

Like any site, you’ll always have an experience of talking to someone and thinking you hit it off when all of a sudden, they’re nowhere to be found. I had it happen to me as soon as I went to set up a date. I factor in all of the singles I talk to and how many the person I’m talking to is talking to and I realize that the chances of finding the right person right away, is unrealistic. Always keep your options open because not everyone will follow through on their word to meet up. Don’t worry though because like me, you will find plenty of action to keep you occupied.

There is also a mixture of total hotties and some not so hot ladies. Think of it like a club. You have to do a sweep of the room before your eyes fall on someone who has your attention for the rest of the night. There is a higher ratio of women to men on this site, so you’ll have more options than the club, but not everyone will be the goddess you hope for. You’ll have to search a little which can be a little annoying when you want something fast but it’ll be well worth it. Having a little patience with this site goes a long way.



Out of the 180 messages that I sent – 102 girls responded and I kept in regular contact with 15. I made plans to meet up with 8 of them and out of those 8, I hooked up with 5 girls. All of this happened within the span of a month (30 days) and I got exactly what I came for – hot conversations that led to hot dates that led to hot sex. I am not at all disappointed with my experience because I came for sex and I got it. Although I had the mishap with my membership, I enjoyed a little extra time on the site purely for online pleasure. In my second month I didn’t put so much effort into hooking up with women in person as much as I did for the stimulation of video sites and web cam chats.

There are plenty of sites that promise to get you laid and you expect that you don’t have to put in any effort. That’s just not true and is a perfect example. You have to do a little searching in order to find girls that are a good fit and will commit to meeting you in person. Once you get to that point, the rest is history and you’ll be well on your way to having the best hookups you’ve ever had.

There were women online who wanted to meet me and who I had some great casual sex with. I actually keep in touch with a few of them for late night booty calls and exciting work day sexting. If I ever wanted to meet new women and create more hookup experiences, I would log into this site 100%. There are never any guarantees with dating sites but take it from me, this one will get you where you want to go. I give this site 3.5 our of 5 stars and only for the simple fact that I believe a site should ask you to renew a membership or trial before automatically doing so on it’s own.

Take a look for yourself and I promise you won’t be disappointed!