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May 19 2015

hookupcloud-review is another addition to the world of online dating and hookups. As we always do we check out these sites for ourself to determine whether they are a scam or legit. HookupCloud is certainly not a scam since I was VERY successful in using the site to find a hookup. Multiple hookups actually, and we are confident that anyone who signs up for the site can do the same for themselves. Online dating scams are all to common on the internet, this makes everyone skeptical of every site since the idea of getting easily laid online is incomprehensible. Usually if something is too good to be true, it is, unless that something is HookupCloud. The best part is that there is no confusion about whether a member is there for a long-term relationship or if they just want to get laid, because everyone just wants to get laid. The site exists for people to connect and hookup so this saves you a ton of time by avoiding the long chats and the back and forth or will-we or won’t-we. When you’re on HookupCloud the only answer is when will you hookup, because if you are chatting with a member its only a matter of time before you two are hooking up.


The only thing I was concerned about when checking out the site was the whole idea of there being a “cloud”. I’ve heard plenty of stories about people hacking the cloud and sharing information. My mind was put to ease though once I figured out that the cloud isn’t like a cloud that stores and hosts information. Instead it’s more of a cloud where members put their sexual desires and fantasies for other members to find and to share. So there is nothing to worry about on the Hookup Cloud since everything on the site is very discreet, you don’t even know anyones name! No one else seemed worried though since there were plenty of very racy profile photos posted by members. You can also post videos to your profile and there are plenty of members who have taken advantage of this feature. That was the first thing I did after signing up, not make my own video, but instead watch all the videos I can.  There are lots of R rated videos you can enjoy to get you in the mood before sending out messages. You can also just get straight to it if you have gone months with nothing but visual aids already. You can start sending messages right away and you can send them to members who you see are online when you are so you can get a reply without having to wait. I signed up and checked out the site for a bit, I had to do something else so I planned on coming back to pick up where I left off. When I came back the next day I had already received a bunch of messages from some very horny women basically begging me to get back to them. Of course I replied to a few of these messages, and that very night I hooked up with 2 different women. That was all the evidence I needed to conclude this site works great for getting laid.


  • Members profile photos are a requirement so you don’t end up with a list of matches that don’t have faces. Most of the photos I saw we’re high-resolution and very far from PG.
  • Basic and Advanced search options let you find something quick or find exactly what you want. You can search for members who are the closest to you and who are currently online so you can find someone very fast.
  • They have a great mobile site that allows you to hookup on the go and in any city you are in around the country.


Silver MembershipGold Membership
3 Day Trial$1.95
1 Month$29.95/month$34.95/month
3 Month$19.98/month$23.32/month
1 Year$12.95/month

HookupCloud provides the option of a trial membership that will automatically upgrade to a silver membership if you don’t cancel before the trial period is over. I would suggest saving yourself the $2 and go straight for the full account membership.

Drawbacks and Caveats

The idea of the cloud is the only thing I could see holding people back or make them think twice. The idea of the “cloud” is still something that’s very new in our society so this could be a deterrent for people.  Just know that there is no risk of information being compromises. The Hookup Cloud is a place for members to open up about what they desire so that someone can respond by providing what they want and get what they want in return. Everyone wants the same thing here, sex. Another small drawback for me was that I had a little trouble getting the confirmation email. I quickly realizes that is was my own error since I found it in my spam folder. I’m not sure why it ended up in that folder, but just make sure it doesn’t happen to you when you sign up. I just moved the email to my main folder and I was on my new profile page in minutes.


If you’re looking for a fun night with a sexy single then HookupCloud can help you out. They have a ton of members all over the country, so wherever you are there is someone for you to hookup with at all times. Don’t believe anyone who tells you this site is a scam because I know for a fact that it works. I’ve only hooked up once on the site so I could write this review, but I’m going on another hookup date tonight with another smoking hot girl that I know I am going to have sex with. If you would like the pleasure of doing this yourself then sign up for and start hooking up. Ignore the hype from  those other scam sites and sign up for a site I know for a fact works and well and can only be described as totally legit.