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September 22 2015

About is NOT your average dating site! HookUp combines everything you love about all your favorite social media sites, except as well as having the ability to connect online, there’s the added bonus of knowing that everyone you meet here is also interested in casually hooking up, too! You can join 5 million other sexy singles in the pursuit of the perfect hookup, right in your own backyard!

Signing up was a really simple process that included a bunch of intriguing questions surrounding my personal preferences. Personally, the sign up questionnaire got me really excited for what I was going to find inside! A quick tip, though. Add all your desires, fantasies and kinks to your own profile, because in my experience here, the more information you provide about yourself, the more like-minded ladies will be able to find you when they’re doing their own searches!

Once I had completed my registration, which only required an email address, not my credit card details like some other sites, the Member’s Only area was bustling with obvious activity. You can see who is online in your city, check out featured profiles, message boards and articles to read. There’s an easy to use navigation pane, so you can find the area of the site you’re looking for with ease.

Almost instantly I received an instant message from a smoking hot chick who was obviously looking to hook up, and let me tell you, it only got better from there. The social aspect of creates a fun and flirty atmosphere where you can get to know a little bit about a number of singles at once, kind of akin to flirting with someone at the bar before deciding to take them home. It provides so many avenues to get to know people that you’ll surely never end up on a dud date again!

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Let’s break down the numbers for a minute. I’ve been a member on for 14 days.
- In 14 days, I’ve sent 48 messages, but have received over 100 messages from horny babes looking for hookups!
- I’ve used the cam feature 5 times (all very successfully, I might add!).
- I’ve exchanged instant messages with countless hotties.
- And, drumroll please, I’ve hooked up ten times! That’s ten times with ten different babes, friends. Ten. Unique. Hookups. Almost one hookup for each day I’ve been a member. I know now how they can confidently offer their Get Laid Guarantee, because there is no way you’ll be left high and dry with this site!

I can pretty much guarantee that had I been a little more diligent with answering messages (there were so many!), I could have gone 14 hookups in 14 days without a problem.

I began my journey with their free membership, but soon came to realize that a bigger membership meant more opportunities for hookups. Had I known then what I know now, I would have gone straight to the Gold Membership. It is literally the most bang for your buck!


Armed with a multitude of fantastic features like video chat, instant messaging, live cams and the most sophisticated advanced search and match system I’ve ever used, will surely not disappoint! I was able to connect online with hundreds of horny babes right in my area the same day I signed up, and was hooking up mere hours after my profile went live!

I loved clicking through the millions of racy profile pictures to find the chick I was looking for, but I also liked that when I didn’t have time for that, I could use the advanced search and drastically narrow down my matches to hotties who were close by, or online now, or had particular attributes I absolutely needed to create the best hookup! HookUp made finding a hot honey for a hookup fun!

Other notable features include:

  • A social media style newsfeed, so you get the latest information on hotties you’re interested in as they happen!
  • Required profile pictures! This is a big one. So many sites don’t enforce this, and you end up scrolling through pages of blank avatars, but not on!
  • Active communities. There’s a lot going on online, so you’ll never get bored here.
  • The ability to friend or favorite those singles you want to chat with often, or return to check out later!
  • The best hookup dating site search feature. I know I mentioned this above, but it’s so extensive it’s worth a second mention. No matter what your interest, your physical preference or your kink, there’s a way to search for it on, and with millions of members, you’re sure to find someone else who’s looking for the same kind of good time!
  • A compatibility meter, so you know immediately without having to do research on a percentage scale just how compatible you and your chosen one are
  • The top live web cams! Choose to participate in the action and get a little hot n’ heavy before meeting up in person, or opt to sit back and watch the performance!
  • A last activity date stamp on each member’s profile, so you can see who is active, and who hasn’t logged in for a while. This feature is especially awesome for determining who to message — no one wants to waste their time on an inactive member!
  • An associated mobile app, so you never miss a message, or a chance to get it on, ever again! Their app has GPS connectivity, so you can literally see on a map who is nearby, a really cool feature that allowed me to have a completely random and unplanned hookup!


Free Sign-Up

Silver Membership:
3 Day Trial – $1.95/day
1 Month – $29.95/month
3 Month – $19.98/month

Gold Membership:
3 Day Trial – $1.95/day
1 month – $34.95/month
3 month – $23.32/month
1 year – $12.95/month

Silver Membership Perks include:
- Host your own hot profile
- View unlimited sexy member profiles
- Connect with hot and horny singles instantly
- Send instant messages and utilize chat rooms
- Limited video chat features
- mobile app

Gold Membership Perks include:
- Unlimited access to member webcams
- Full video chat features and functionality
- Have your profile featured in local search listings
- A Get Laid Guarantee
- Extra gallery space on your profile, so you can post more sexy selfies!

+ all of the perks included in the Silver Membership!


All told, there isn’t much about that I didn’t like. The site looks slick, the user interface is easy to navigate, and the women are extraordinarily hot. In the free membership and Silver Membership brackets, there are some ads that can be a bit distracting which disappear when you upgrade to the Gold Membership, but if your head is in the game and you’re there to search for hot local hookups, then there’s really not very much that should distract you from the thousands of sexy girls revealing it all in their sexy online personals! The free membership option is great, but in order to take advantage of the ”Get Laid Guarantee” and other really cool features of, I would highly recommend upgrading to the Gold Membership option. For the extra few dollars, you’ll definitely get more than your money’s worth when you find your hookup schedule pretty busy!


I had a fantastic time trying out! From the sign up stage all the way through to the (many) hookups, it was nothing but the best, enjoyable experience. Sign up was fun and easy, profile creation was unique, the matching system made it easy for me to find my type of hottie looking for a good time without any effort on my part! But, if I was feeling adventurous, I was also able to do an open search myself and click through endless profiles of chicks looking for all kinds of naughty connections! Watching the sexy webcams was a fun and flirty way to get to know some of the women, and the mobile app allowed me to log in from anywhere, check and respond to messages and instant messages, and send pictures while I was away from home. The free membership option gave me a taste that I just couldn’t refuse, and the Silver and Gold Memberships piled on amazing feature on top of amazing feature. really is the complete package! When you want to get laid fast, there is no better dating site on the web than! It’s so easy to meet local hotties, and it’s totally, 100% free!