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July 2 2013

black-lover-search-review is an online dating site geared specifically towards the african american community. Now don’t think you necessarily have to be part of said community to partake in the fun happening on the site. If you are suffering from a bit of the jungle fever and need to satisfy your craving then you need to check out BlackLoverSearch as soon as possible and since it’s the #1 place on the internet to find an ebony hook up the sooner the better. I heard from a couple of friends that the site was a big success for them so I decided I would do a review and get the word out there for all the singles out there looking to satisfy their curiosity when it comes to jungle fever. The site not only specializes in hooking you up with African Americans but it will also cater to whatever your sexual preference may be, so if you looking for a man a woman, a couple or even a transexual you can find whatever you’re looking find in one place.


- You can sign up for a basic membership and check out the member profiles on the site %100 free.

- “Site Activity” give you a great idea of what members are up to on the site, giving you updates when a member adds a photo , when a new member signs up for the site or if someone posts a comment on a photo or a member’s profile page.

- “Account Activity” will notify you of any activity on your profile from other member on the site, like if someone views your profile or adds you as a favorite.

- The site has a great search feature to help you find exactly what you want whether it be someone of a specific sexual preference or someone who speaks a certain language or for the ladies you can search specifically for men based on whether they are circumcised or not.

- The site has a ton of great message boards for everything from sex and relationships to hooking up and funny sex stories.

- If you’re browsing the site in a location where you need to mind your surroundings, like at work for example, then you can turn off the erotic images and view the site in a more PG format. Dont worry though you can turn the erotic images back on for when you’re back at home alone having fun.

- When checking out your local matches you can refine the search results by New Members, Viewed Me, Friends List, Who’s On Cam or The Hottest Members

- The site allows you to post videos on your profile page and you can view other members videos as well and get a great sense if they are what you’re looking for.

- The site asks you a bunch of great questions about what you’re looking for, so if a member stumbles across your profile and sees that you’re looking for the same things they are then you can get what you want without even asking for it or trying for it, and that’s what we all want in life isn’t it. You can also fill out the answers separately for Man, woman or Couple so the people visiting your profile select what categories they fall under and see what it is you’re looking for from them.

- Members profile pages display “Sex Stats” which the user has filled out and you can view to see if what they’re asking for is what you’re looking for and If you do hook up then you wont need to worry about being disappointed or leaving someone else disappointed. Which in turn will only keep them then coming back for more.

- “Compatibility Check List” is a great way to gain a sense of how much you have in common with a member without having to read all the information on their profile page.

Membership Pricing

3-Day Trial1 Month3 Months12 Months
Silver Membership$1.95/day$29.95/month$19.98/month
Gold Membership$34.95/month$23.32/month$12.50/month

Benefits of Silver Membership

  • Hook-up with Someone within 100 days, or get your next 100 days FREE
  • Contact and View all BlackLoverSearch Members
  • Unlimited Chat and Instant Messaging

Benefits of Gold Membership

  • All the Silver Membership features
  • Unlimited Webcam access
  • Unlimited Member Videos access
  • Featured listing on every Search Result

Drawbacks and Caveats

After checking out the site it left me little to complain about. If you’re not attracted to people of african american heritage then you this site would have drawbacks for you simply since the site offers exclusively black men and woman. You will find users on the site who may be of a different race, but odds are they came to the site to find themselves something specific to the niche the site is centered around. If you’re looking for a hook-up with a member of a specific ethnic that’s not african american then you might want to check out some other great similar sites like LatinLoverSearch or AsianLoverSearch.


BlackLoverSearch is the place to be on the internet of you’re looking for an ebony hook up. With a massive membership base of beautiful black woman you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for and they guarantee it. If you don’t hook-up on this site then they will give you your money back, but I don’t think you’ll be browsing long before you find yourself face to face with one of these black beauties for an actual no string attached casual sex hook up. If you’re looking for similar sites that focus on different ethnic groups I would recommend checking out or reviews of AsianLoverSearch or LatinLoverSearch which are equally as great but for a different purpose. The internet seems to want to shy away from catering to people looking for a hook-up with a specific ethnic group, unless its Jewish for some reason. There’s no need to get up tight or iffy about getting what you want and if what you want is a no strings attached ebony sex hook up the look no further and check out now!