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September 25 2013


Social-Hookups is what all great hook up sites online should be. With a ton of members and some great features for you to use to connect with them, social hookups is all you need to find success when looking for a no strings attached casual sex hookup online! With the Internets surge in providing sites for finding online hook ups it’s easy for a site to go unnoticed and get lost in the sea of hook up sites. Social Hookups has made sure to rise to the top and provide great services and distinguish its self as thee site for online hook ups. The site gives you a 100 day guarantee that you will get laid if you upgrade to a Gold or Silver membership, which speaks highly to their confidence that the site will work to get you laid. The site has millions of members so no matter where you are there is tons of singles in your area to connect with. They always have members online and waiting to hear from you so when you sign on to the site you wont need to wait for a response to a message, but instead find someone who is online and ready to hook up as soon as possible.


  • “Basic Search” allows you to quickly find singles in your area for potential hook-ups. You can choose age range, their proximity to you and some specific things that you’re looking for from “1-on-1 Dating” or “Fetishes”. You can also search for members who are currently close by you and meet up face to face for any kind of fun you’re looking for.
  • “Message Boards” Is a great page to interact with members and have discussions on a ton of topics about everything to do with dating and relationships from “Long Term Relationships” and “Tell us your funniest sex story” or to more x rated subjects like “Lets Get Freaky” and “What Gets You Hot”. They also have classifieds and a page for “Hook Ups for all ages” where you can join a forum of people in your age range and find someone very interested in hooking up.
  • If your confidence is up and you want an out of this world sexy girl to hook up with then head to the “Hottest Members” page and try your luck.
  • The site has a great customer service page where you can select any issue you’re experiencing whether it be a billing issue or reporting spam and get a quick and easy solution.
  • You can use the site to make your own short video to show off your best attributes and increase your chance of finding someone to hook up with. You can also view any video that other members have recorded or uploaded.
  • Member’s profiles display “Active Within” showing you precisely how long it’s been since the user has logged in. This will avoid the headache of sending a message to a user you are interested in and not getting a response and thinking it has something to do with you personally.
  • You can leave yourself a note on a member’s profile page that only you can view. This will avoid you from interacting with a member who you may have attempted to contact before unsuccessfully or someone you did chat with but didn’t want to take it any further for any reason, and with all the sexy member profiles on the site you will need help remembering all of them.
  • From the sites homepage you can see view your account activity and see when another member has viewed your page or if you have been sent a request from another member for friendship. They also have a I’ve feed showing “Site Activity” where you will be updated when a new member in your are joins or If a member adds a new photo
  • The site allows you to turn off incoming IM’s, why this is something you want to do I’m not sure? I guess someone could get a bit overwhelmed by the members enthusiasm on the site and might need to just browse on their own terms.
  • The mobile site for browsing on the go is great. You can easily and conveniently check out members profile pages from anywhere at anytime and find local singles who are close by and looking for someone to hook up with.


You can sign up for the site for a 3 day trial membership, but if you want the best bang for your buck then go for the 1 year subscription since this is the best value at only $12.50/per month!



Video Review

For a more in depth look at the site and its features, watch our video review HERE

Drawbacks and Caveats

Social-Hookups does require you to upgrade to take advantage of all the features it has o offer. This is only a minor drawback since I can promise you that you will get your moneys worth when using the site. The site is void of any distinguishing features that make it entirely unique to other sites. Sometime though I find that other sites put too much focus on one aspect or feature and neglect the core purpose of the site and let’s be honest we all know what that should be, to get you laid! Social-hookups has all the necessary tools you need to hook up with out distracting its members with unnecessary features that don’t serve much of a real purpose when it comes to getting you laid.


Social-Hookups is a great site to use if you’re looking for a no strings attached casual sex hook up. The members are eager and willing to chat and flirt while using any of the multiple features the site provides to communicate, and with 20,000 new members per day, you wont run out of potential hook ups anytime soon. You can request a date or ask someone over video chat to meet up. You can have lots of fun online, but when you meet up with a member for some fun in person you will know what the site is all about and I guarantee it’ll keep you coming back for more.