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Hooking Up Is A Skill, Not A Gift

| July 3, 2013

We’ve all been in a situation where were watching a friend or a stranger pick up a woman and you start question your own skills by thinking stuff like “He’s a natural”, “I’ll never be that confident” or “He’s got a gift!” Gentleman I’m here to tell you that hooking up is not a gift God granted only certain men, the ability to hook up is in us all, we just need to treat it like a sport. We need to train and practice to develop our abilities, because I guarantee you that any man who has successfully hooked up with a girl did not do so on his first time to the plate. The trick is to avoid putting a huge amount of pressure on yourself by going in with the attitude that its make or break. I’ve said it before, but I feel it’s the best advice I could give any guy when it comes to hooking up with girls, and that’s the Babe Ruth Principal. Babe Ruth hit the most home runs but also had the highest number of strike outs, so if you approach the situation with that in mind it will relive the pressure of thinking you have to succeed or else you’re a failure. You need to just practice, practice, practice!

Practice Makes Perfect


Why is Tiger Woods the greatest golfer of all time, I want to say it’s because of all the woman he slept with but it’s not, its practice. He has a golf course on his property and he plays golf every day to be as good as he is. Actually, his dedication could speak to the fact that he did sleep with an insane number of women, regardless if he did it in the confines of a marriage, but I’m getting off topic here. The point is practice makes perfect. If you approach a girl with the idea that this is practice for the future then you’re going to feel a lot less pressure and in turn will make you come off more confident and less desperate and you may see results earlier then expected. They say you have to do something for 10,000 hours to master it, but that seems like an exaggeration, at least when it comes to hooking up. Treat it like a sport and train as if you’re trying to win a championship or a gold medal in the Olympics. Olympic athletes train for 4 years all for one single moment, now I don’t think you need to be celibate for 4 years before you successfully hook up with a girl because you need confidence and a 4 year dry spell will humble even the cockiest mans ego.

Confidence Is Key


Confidence is the biggest thing any guy needs when trying to hook up with girls. If this isn’t your strong suit and you feel its brought on by lack of experience then the best suggestion is to go to a site like and get the experience thing out of the way. You can find yourself some no strings attached casual sex hook ups and clock some hours in the bedroom to learn a few things for the future and build your confidence in the bedroom. Once you’ve done some work on our self-confidence successfully hooking up with girls will be a much easier task then you ever thought possible. That being said there is a thin line between confidence and arrogance and you need to always keep that in mind. Woman will immediately respond to a man with confidence positively but if that confidence turns to arrogance then you will quickly turn that positive response to an annoyed and stand offish one. So when you make your approach leave expectations behind and treat it like a training exercise, and if that helps you come off as confident and not desperate and you do successfully hook up then mission accomplished.

The fact is that no man is born with some sort of god given gift for making members of he opposite sex swoon for him. If a man is good with picking up girls then he’s developed this skill through practice and experience.
So get yourself out there and create some experiences of your own to build your confidence. Check out a hook up site like SocialSex or ErotciAds and enjoy some no strings attached casual sex hook ups which will give you ample amounts of confidence by teaching you plenty of useful skills when it comes to getting a girl into bed. I personally think this is where a lot of men’s hesitation comes from, even if they do get a girl home they don’t want to disappoint between the sheets. So gaining some experience with online sex hook ups is the quickest way to erase these thoughts of inferiority and boost your confidence when it comes to hooking up with members of the opposite sex.



, July 3, 2013