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HornyMatches Review
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Rating: 4.5

Worst New Dating Site

March 18 2013

HornyMatches Review


All you should take away from this HornyMatches review is that, pure and simply, HornyMatches is a solid site for adult dating. It’s one of many new adult dating sites on the scene, but I can tell you honestly that it’s much better than many of the other sites that I have tested out in the last little while. They already have quite an impressive number of members, and it seems to be growing at a quick rate. Given, I do live in a fairly big city, but I had no problem finding a big selection of women looking to chat and meet up.

You start of HornyMatches with a free membership. You get to have a taste of HornyMatches without any commitment beforehand. This is good because you get to see the members and get a feel for the site first. It didn’t take me very long before I enthusiastically upgraded though! Within minutes a local woman had messaged me, and I just HAD to reply. She was beautiful and has tantalizing photos in her profile. If she was interested in talking to a guy like me, I couldn’t let that chance slip away. Once upgraded, I reply to her message, we chatted back and forth a bit (and she sent some naughty photos), and then we decided to meet up. I ended up having sex with her before I even looked for anyone else on the site!!

Once I got back on the site I could check it out properly. I love their advanced search. You can look for someone based on the finest details, like eye color or breast size, as well as bigger perimeters, like age and ethnicity. I also liked that I could look for members based on who was close and online now. That made quick hookups really easy, especially if I was using the site on my phone. I’ve listed more features below:


  • Save all search settings for easier searches.
  • Mobile app for iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone.
  • Tons of explicit photos and videos from HornyMatches members.
  • Watch recommended videos.
  • Advanced search or search by proximity and online status for fast hookups.
  • Live Sex Channel with video and webcam shows.
  • Upgrade from Free Membership to Silver or Gold Membership
  • Blog posts, advice articles, and discussion boards.


It is completely free to join HornyMatches, but if you want to upgrade your membership these are the prices you will be looking at:

Silver Membership – $36.24/per month

Gold Membership – $42.29/per month

Drawbacks and Caveats

The only bad thing I can say about HornyMatches is that, to put it nicely, not every member is a real “looker”. Believe me, there are PLENTY of sexy ladies on here, but there are also quite a few duds. This is only a drawback because it means you have to wade through a few more members to find someone you’re really into, but, really, it can also be seen as a positive because it shows that they really have REAL members. Often, if a site only has extremely hot, model-esque women, then chances are they are a scam site and that those are fake profiles.


HornyMatches is a site I would recommend. It is simply a super legit and good dating site. To waste any more time, effort, or money on other sites would be a fool’s errand. If you are looking to hook up with REAL local women, quick, easy, and simple, then HornyMatches is the site for you!