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April 17 2013


About (formerly has nothing to hide when it comes to what it is they provide for you, a one-stop shop for all your sexual desires. It is the Mecca of commitment free sexual encounters regardless of you sexual preference. If you’re looking to try something new or if you know exactly what it is you have in mind XXX love is a great place to find it.

The site has a slick layout that takes you through a very visually stimulating guided tour to set-up your account, lead by the very sexy Jesse Jane, and don’t think their setting you up for disappointment by having such a hot porn star introduce you to the site, because there is definitely some members who could give her a run for her money. After selecting your sex (male or female) you are asked to select your favorite sexual position with some basic choices like missionary or spooning to some more open minded choices such as rim job or fetish. After you’ve made your selection you are asked how often you have sex, with your options ranging from 1-2 times a day (which if you are doing while still looking for more sex on the site seems a bit excessive…. or impressive) to never, you can be as honest as you like. The next question you’re asked is where you would like to hook-up? In an elevator, on the beach, in church or if your a bit more traditional the bedroom. Next you’re asked how often you masturbate, with your options ranging from never to daily, again you can be as honest as you like. The final selection you need to make it who is it your looking to have sex with? You can choose a member of your opposite sex or you can select a couple (gay or straight). After the tour is over your ready to start using the site. Once you login your greeted by a scantily dressed hottie who gives your a brief overview of the feature on the site and how to use them. The home page is covered in enticing profile pictures from seems like an endless amount of profiles. You can view member profiles by choosing one of the many options like local matches, the newest members, the hottest members, who view you and who’s on cam. If you can decide on a member you have a couple of ways to communicate with them, you can check out their profile page, send an instant message, send and email or request to meet in person. The profile pages provide some really great information if you want to hook-up, with the “Sex Stats” section giving you all the information you need to satisfy the person your hooking up with. You can also fill out this section in detail on your own account and make sure you get exactly what it is your looking for, they ask you everything from what you love and what you hate to whether you like watching porno or how old you were when you lost your virginity. They even give you the option to compare your sexual compatibility right from a member’s profile. You can also fill out the more PG rated section of details about you like your favorite books and movies to musical tastes and pet peeves.


- XXX Love is free for all women and free for men with a basic membership

- Live Cams, to meet and connect with other members who are online

- Live news feed with real-time status updates, recently added photos and members

- Quick Search feature to help you narrow down the massive amount of member profiles, and an Advanced Search to help you find exactly what your looking for.

- View who’s been looking at your profile to see what kind of members your attracting on the site, you can also communicate with them immediately by sending an email or IM or if your feeling bold invite them to meet in person right away.

- Add members to your friend list and track their activity on the site.

- Most Popular section where you can view the most popular men, women and couples.

- Zodiac Compatibility for all the astrologers out their who check there horoscopes every morning.

- Compatibility Check List, instantly see how compatible you are with a member without having to spend the time reading every detail of their profile page.

- Hottest Members, if you’re feeling lucky and want to get lucky quickly then don’t spend your time browsing profiles and sprint right towards the finish line.


3 Days1 Month3 Months1 Year
Free to Sign Up
Silver Membership$1.95$29.95/month$19.98/month-
Gold Membership$1.95$34.95/month$23.32/month$12.50/month

Silver Membership Benefits

  • Unlimited Instant Messaging and Chat Functions
  • Instant access to view and contact all XXX Love members
  • Get laid in 100 days, or get your money back

Gold Membership Benefits

  • Access to all Silver Membership benefits
  • Members’ Video access (Unlimited)
  • Members’ Webcam access (Unlimited)
  • Featured Listing on all Search Results

Video Review

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Drawbacks and Caveats

There aren’t many things I can find to complain about when it comes to XXX When first logging in the amount of user profiles can be a bit overwhelming, which isn’t necessarily something to complain about, but with some great features to find exactly what your looking for its not long before your communicating with some very sexy singles. The website has a lot of great features but with out an upgraded membership you cant take advantage of most of them. With the membership fee as low as $12.50 a month it doesn’t make sense to go through the effort of creating an account and spend your time viewing profiles only to be left unfulfilled and alone.


XXX Love has a really fun and stimulating account set-up tour, with the extremely sexy Jesse Jane showing more and more skin as you answer questions. The amount of members on the site leaves nothing to be desired. There are a ton of great features you can use to communicate with members and flirt, tease or get right down to business and plan a meeting. I guarantee you’ll fall in love with XXXLove the moment you login.