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March 8 2013 Review

About is an online dating site for those looking for Ukrainian or Russian girls. This online dating site has become quite popular because of its specific content, and it’s a great place to find love, romance, and even marriage. is filled with beautiful, Slavic, women, and it’s perfect for those looking to get serious in their dating life. Unfortunately though if you use the site for an extended period of time it seems that all the attractive eastern European woman wanting to marry you might just be to good to be true…


  • For starters, offers free registration! This is a really important feature because potential users are more drawn to signing up, especially if they just want to test out online dating. This is also a good feature for online dating veterans, because may not care to sign up for paid registration if they know other sites offer the same thing.
  • Users at are encouraged to load their profile with information about themselves, which comes in handy when others are looking to see if you have similar interests, or specific qualities.
  • is also known for its wide selection of photos. Users tend to post a great deal of photos, which makes them even more appealing at first
  • Communication is important to any online dating, so you can actually have the opportunity to interact with fellow users. provides personal messaging and live video chat, but it does come at a price and unfortunately for this site the prices is a bit to high.
  • Even before creating an account, their site offers a Ladies Gallery, for future males to browse through all the beautiful woman to see who’s out there and if they’re interested!
  • As you browse through prospective matches, you can choose your FAVOURITES, simply by clicking “add to favorites” and create your own personal catalogue of your fav gals!


  • Unique to is a their “anti-scam” program, which ensures that each user is 100% legitimate. For example, each user provides the following:
  1. video-confirmation of themselves
  2. video chat features, so you can chat with users to know they’re the real deal
  3. confirmation that other users have received gifts (unlike giving gifts to dead, automated accounts)

Ironically with the all attention to this anti-scam program it seems that after using the site for a while, most of the messages sent to you are fictitious and totally fake.

The site notifies you with a pop up message when a woman is interested in meeting you by inviting you to join in a live chat. Not surprisingly though this will cost you money since you need credits to join the conversation. I received 4 of these message all at the same time and although I’m a pretty confident guy I couldn’t imagine that there were 4 woman simultaneously trying to contact me.


While it’s free to join at, you must pay for credits that will let you use various communication services.

20 Credits60 Credits120 Credits250 Credits350 Credits500 Credits
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Video Review

For a more in depth look at the site and its features check out our video review HERE


Even though promotes its free registration, there are services on the site, which need to be paid for. Before joining, they don’t make it very clear on the website as to which features will be chargeable, and which will not. As a result, it’s hard to know if its worth your time. If you want to reply to a message it will cost you around $5 and if you want to view a video clip from a member it will cost you 20 credits, which costs $12! The cleverest charge is for members contact information, which will cost you 25 credits. You would need to buy 60 credits for $33 dollars since buying 12 credits for $12 will leave you 5 credits short.


The seemed very promising when first using it, but it seems after using the site for a bit of time it seems nothing more then a online dating scam. When we registered for the site, within 10 minutes my inbox was filled with messages that would have taken any professional write much more then 10 minutes to write and they certainly were not written by any sort of professionals. The second message I received was from a woman who was telling me that I was going to get exactly what I wanted, which was for her to stop bothering me and not send me another message since I didn’t reply to her previous messages. I didn’t receive any prior messages from that member since I had only been using the site for less then half an hour! I also realized that a lot of the woman on the site had the same name since I guess the people creating these clearly fake profiles could not think of enough stereo-typical eastern European girls names to use. I received 4 separate messages form woman named Olga, 3 from woman named Nataliya and 2 from woman named Anastasia. In total I received 33 messages within the span of 4 hours, most of which were from woman professing there love to me. Considering I didn’t upload a picture or fill out any information on my profile what so ever I don’t think messages like this should be taken seriously…

Hi, David Tran
The worse part is that, out of fear, I often tried to deny being this much in love. I didn’t want to feel that I could again have these strong feelings other than those of, let’s say, a good friendship. But it’s very likely that I was still carrying a residue of a love that I thought was over, and this seed of love has found in your joy, beauty and sweetness the field to grow.
The rest, my love, is part of history, as you well know.
I think about you always. And I want to be able to give you all my affection, lots of cuddles, kisses, hugs and my warmth when you’re feeling cold (love always – in winter, summer, autumn and spring) and, in the end, my chest where you can lean your head on.

Beloved princess,
Here’s a big kiss from yours