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Rating: 2

April 10 2013

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ABOUT is somewhat of a unique entry in the world of online dating sites. With the layout feeling a bit like a social networking site it gives you a slightly different experience while exploring its features. While offers members some unique features to use, it’s missing some more basic stuff and leaves you feeling unsatisfied and wanting more. Signing up for the free membership was quick and easy, but I was unable to even view another members profile page unless I upgraded my membership. My own profile page looked pretty bare with very little information being provided outside of the basic generic questions about myself and a brief description.

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The most heavily featured portion of the home page is the “Member Activity” section which resembles a twitter feed. To me it seems to be useless information about users liking other members profile pictures and not much of anything else. I suppose once you start using the site regularly you would gain some sort of friend list and you could be updated about there activity on the site. Although I feel jealousies would form easily if you’re interested in someone on the site and your constantly seeing other users interacting with them.

While using the site I noticed there was no middle ground when it came to the quality of woman. It was either someone who looked like a porn star or a woman who looks like the before picture in a Jenny Craig commercial. This raised my suspicions so I did some digging around the sites “Terms of Use”. I didn’t find anything out of the norm at first until I came across a tiny link title “*Note about Numbers” and what I read was slightly disappointing.


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The note provided some info about how they determine how large their member base is and this little tid bit at the end.

“From time to time models who are not site members or expired member profiles are used in external advertising of our sites and thus you should not rely upon the availability of any particular person(s) as being a member of our site in making any membership or payment decisions.”

Basically what their saying is that the images and profiles they use to advertise and entice you to sign up for the site shouldn’t actually be used in your decision to sign up. This to me makes no sense and from what I understand your simply being told that what you see is not what you get and in the universe of online dating this is something that should be avoided at all costs.


- Live Member WebCams

- View who’s been looking at your profile page

- See which members are online and find out what members are close to you right in that moment.

- Community Group Forums

- See “What’s Hot” including Hottest Videos, Albums, Photos and Members


1 Month Membership3 Month Membership12 Month Membership
1 Month Membership3 Month Membership12 Month Membership
$29.95/per month$14.95/per month$9.95/per month


For a more comprehensive look at the site and its features check out our video review here


While I do believe you could sign up for this site and find someone to casually date or hook up with, you might need to go in with low expectations. All the profiles seem to be either from women I might be interested in when I’m retired or a ridiculously attractive woman who will probably start negotiating price once you meet her in person. With their admission of using false profiles to entice the user to buy an upgraded membership and then recommending not to base your decision off the information they provide you while buying, I might just stay clear of the site and opt for something a little more straight forward.