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Grouper Review
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Rating: 4

March 6 2013

Grouper Review


Grouper is one of the most popular online dating sites right now, where its members are asked to sign up through Facebook. Grouper is all about group dating! Unlike basic online dating sites, Grouper is set up completely differently. Drop your preconceived notions about online dating, and get ready for this.

For starters, Grouper prides itself on social engagement and actually calls itself a “Social Club.” . So, what does this mean? While most dating sites follow a basic structure of setting up a profile and seeing who’s online, Grouper sets up drinks between 2 groups of friends. 3 Guys and 3 girls.Ever feared going on a date with someone alone? Grouper takes a little bit of the edge off.

Confused? Let’s take a more in-depth look at how Grouper works, and what it has to offer!

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Wing-men & Wing-women

What could be better than having your wing men and wing women at your disposal if you need ‘em? Think about how aw


kward it is when you’re absolutely hating a date, but need to sit through it in fear of being rude. Or, haven’t you ever been at a loss of conversation topics? Having a group date takes the ease off, big time. Girls can chatter in the washroom and analyze what’s going on, and the guys can use their bro-code to do whatever bro-code entails.

Group Conversation/Discussions are more fun…and lead to games!  

Sometime’s it can get pretty boring going back and forth, asking a date about what they do for fun, and what their favourite colour is. With grouper, groups of friends can get into pretty heated discussions and conversation that makes for a more interesting dating experience. With groups also come games. Enough said.

Grouper decides on the venue

Once you’ve been matched up with a group, Grouper decides where the group is headed. Since it’s a group date, this is a fun and interesting way to keep things heated and mysterious.

If all else fails, you meet a new group of friends

At the end of the group date, you may not have met the man or women of your dreams, but at least you had a social night spent with some people, and not a wasted hour and a half of one-on-one forced conversation.

Grouper verifies each members legitimacy

With basic online dating sites, it’s often a big question mark whether or not certain members actually exist or not. The site verifies each user’s existence through google, Facebook, and even shows you tagged pictures of their respective wing men and wing women.



Grouper is $20 per date, which also covers a free drink once you get to the bar!



  • One of the most obvious pros about Grouper is that having a group is an easy way to diffuse an awkward situation
  • Grouper is one of the only online dating sites that puts more emphasis on the offline than the online. In other words, you actually meet people vs. talking online and not doing much about it
  • It’s nice to have a venue picked out, especially when your first drink is covered!


  • It’s annoying to sign up with Facebook only, why can’t there be a website sign up?
  • Grouper is limited to select cities: New York, Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, Miami, Philly, Seattle, Atlanta, Austin, Dallas, Washington DC, San Francisco, Toronto
  • What if two people are into the same person? Do I sense a cat-fight? Meow.
  • Can’t see members until you’re matched up with them-if you’re not attracted to them it’s too late.
  • You have to wait 2 weeks to get set up! Yawn.


As a whole, Grouper is an extremely unique online dating site, that set up group dates!Instead of spending hours on end stalking profiles and sifting through photos, Grouper is simple : Pay 20$, Go on a group date, have a drink! Not only is it fun and different, it’s an interesting way of easing you into the dating world, especially for those new to online dating and blind dating. While Grouper may have its drawbacks, it lets your sign up with a Facebook account so that you don’t need to go through the long, and often tedious process of setting up an online dating account. HAVE FUN GROUPERS!