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FindLove Review
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Rating: 3

March 21 2013

FindLove Review



In today’s fast-paced, computer-connected world, making time to go out to the bars and spending a fortune on drinks and cabs and cover-charges just doesn’t make sense. That’s why I’m doing a FindLove review – to see if this relatively new online dating upstart is worth giving a try.

First of all, the best thing about FindLove is that it is absolutely free. That, above all, is the foremost reason to give this site a try. It’s really a win-win situation, since if you find some people to go out on dates with (which you will with even minimal effort), great. And if you somehow can’t find anyone to date (unlikely), you haven’t paid anything so you can just walk away unscathed. The worst is having to deal with cancelling a membership or getting reimbursed credit card moneys from scam sites like SponsorForMe.

Secondly, the look of the site is really nice. You can tell that they’ve put some time and money into getting talented designers and programmers to make the site slick, easy to navigate, and filled with eye candy to check out and explore. Lastly, despite FindLove being the “new kid” on the casual dating scene, there are still a tremendous amount of members on there already. It’s always a handy thing being part of the first wave of people trying a dating site like FindLove, because you’ll definitely become a face people recognize. Popularity at online dating sites is never a bad thing!



  • Free Profile Creation and initial FindLove membership
  • On-Screen Newsfeed showing status updates and new FindLove members
  • E-Chat and Instant Messages
  • Webcam functionality
  • Group Chat Areas (Public and Private)
  • Member Message Boards





Drawbacks and Caveats

FindLove is a pretty great site from start to finish. Because it is relatively new FindLove doesn’t have the huge membership numbers of a site like Lavalife, but on the flip-side of that coin, most of Lavalife’s “members” consist of either abandoned profiles, fakes, or escorts looking to expand their client roster. At least you know that at FindLove, since it is the new kid on the block, the membership hasn’t had time to get compromised like those of larger sites. However, because it is free, one of the drawbacks will be it’s popularity. There will inevitably huge numbers drawn to the site because it’s a no-cost, slick site that can do what it promises. That means that it could be a little overwhelming at first. This is not anything too serious. After all, it’s better to have many choices than too few, right?!


For people looking to meet locals for casual dating, FindLove is an excellent site to use. You can’t beat the price, and with such excellent site functionality, searching for and connecting with new people is fun and easy. Plus, as I mentioned earlier, the fact that he site is new means that there aren’t a million bogus and discarded profiles on the site. It’ll be filled with new people looking for the same thing: a possible new relationship!  Highly recommended.